I got the idea for this bi-weekly blog post from Katy Upperman. One day I’ll blog something else. hee.

LOVING… hokey small town festivals…

My current WIP takes place in a little old mill town and centers around the music and arts festival they have every August. In comparison to other local celebrations it’s pretty high class. It’s no Sequim Irrigation Festival or McCleary Bear Festival  But I have always loved the celebration of small town life so this is mine.


This is from the Tumwater Fourth of July Parade, but the real festival in the area is Lakefair, as on the float, and takes place later in July in Olympia, WA. I could have been a Lakefair Princesses when I was a senior in high school and said no. So there…

READING… re-reading OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emory Lord

which caps off my summer tours theme reading, since I just finish

ed two new books about rock bands on tour. The first STAY UNTIL WE BREAK by Mercy Brown takes me back to the indie punk scene of my youth. If you ever wanted to know about the bands that were spawned by Nirvana in the 1990’s, Mercy Browns NA (and v. sexy) Hub City Series is for you. I was on the other coast, but I can attest to their realism.

The second tour book is Charlotte Huang’s FOR THE RECORD, a YA romance about a former reality singing competition contestant who must take over for the female singer of teen rock band, contend with the instant fame, a teen actor and heartthrob who wants to be a rock star, and not fall in love with anyone she’s on tour with. It is one of the best fame-based YAs I’ve read, and earns my highest mark – “Immediate re-read because I need more of these characters!”

WATCHING… nothing

We’re at my parents’ house so I’m pretending to be social instead of sitting in front of the TV. Mostly I’m whining that I’m not writing.


This is my husband’s kind of ridiculous, kind of brilliant mixtape…


I’ve got notes back from my CP on my other YA F2P: Free 2 Play about gaming and online harassment. I’ve never had a whole MS to really revise at once like this and I’m going to need to come up with a plan.

ANTICIPATING… going home

As I said earlier we’ve been staying at my parents’ for the holiday, which sort of like a vacation for everyone but me who ends up feeling like I’ve gone back to high school and not in a good way. One day, I’m going to go on a vacation that doesn’t feel like 200% more work than being at home.

MAKING ME HAPPY… allergy medicine


WISHING… You all a great summer!


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  1. Allergy medicine for the win… I’m a loyal Zyrtec consumer. 🙂 Seeing OPEN ROAD SUMMER’s cover makes me want to do a reread, too. Love that book — love all of Emery Lord’s books, actually! Hope you have a great week, lady, and here’s to heading home soon!

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