I got the idea for this bi-weekly blog post from Katy Upperman.

It’s pretty fun. Join me!


LOVING… my WIP, working title… August Nights

Oh, I just love Sunny and Wade… and Mallory, Bennett and Toby… even Nina who’s a tricky one… and the Bayside Festival is right around the corner.

Which means I’m in the panic-riddled home stretch and I don’t even CARE!!! That’s how much I love these kids. *sigh* Though I do wish I had pictures to share.



I’ve known Danika for years. It’s really inspirational to see her book out in the world.

And I got a book plate! I’m even quoted on the back!

(That’s me at the bottom.)



I mean look at this show. It’s got space, politics, cute boys and hot girls. What more could you want?




*insert funny 4yo-ism, a list of Pokemon facts from my 8yo, and a groan from my 11yo*

cuz life…



PitchWars and how I don’t think I’m going to have a MS ready to enter. And how I understand why writer hires freelance editors sometimes. I’m trying not to feel bad about that because I don’t know how I really feel about offering agents as prizes. (And yes, I know an agent offer isn’t at what writers “win” with PitchWars but the fact that it’s still the goal is unsettling for me.)

I don’no… Revisions and querying are stressful, and it would be great to get a boost. But, I kind of like the self-reliance of querying… Mostly I want to be ready and confident, not rushed.


ANTICIPATING… the end of school…


School goes forever here in Seattle which is actually great in many ways, but this last week when it seems like everyone else in the world is out of school and I’m super busy with end-of-year social obligations… ugh.



I have a hair appointment tomorrow. I play with my hair a lot but it always ends up kind of looking the same so I’m trying for something a little different. And by that I mean, a version of the three things my hair does that I haven’t had in while. 😉


WISHING… this is a wishing update instead of a proper WISH, sort of…

I think i might have picked a knitting project. It’s a tank with lace detail in the dark red (but I just knit a dark red sweater) and though you can’t see them well in this picture, no stripes.


But I kind of wish I had an accept color for the gray cotton for the cardigan in my last post. Oh, me…


Now, that summer is officially upon us, what are you up to?


2 thoughts on “currently…

  1. Oh my gosh… My daughter finishes the school year tomorrow and I am SO HAPPY. I’m tired of waking her up early and packing lunches and waiting in the pick-up line. Bring it, summer! I’m so glad you’re enjoying ALL THE FEELS! It’s on my summer TBR list and I can’t wait to dive in; sounds like so much fun! Enjoy that hair appointment, lady!

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