I got the idea for this bi-weekly blog post from Katy Upperman. It’s fun and a great way to get into the habit of blogging. One day I might even write another kind of post. Ha!


LOVING… my new (old) hair color

Not my natural color, but the one I come back to again and again…20160607_072103


unexected everything

WATCHING… Next Food Network Star!

And discussing it like a fool with my husband. hee.

LISTENING TO… laughter from the other room

My 4yo and husband bond in the evening my spinning until they fall down. Not the usual living room activity, but it works for them.


It’s something I’m fascinated with anyway, but the pacing of Morgan Matson’s THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING. I’m sure it’s intentional and meant to be unexpected with longer chapters and very naturalistic interactions. Matson’s pacing in general is slightly off norms. But these long chapters are messing with my head. I have to work soooo hard to write short snappy chapters. I don’t need this kind of influence. *side-eyes*

ANTICIPATING… the book birthday of ALL THE FEELS by Danika Stone

all the feels

I met the lovely and talented Danika years ago during our BSG fandom days, and I am beyond thrilled to go buy her first YA release this afternoon! YAY, Danika! Happy Book Birthday to You and ALL THE FEELS!

MAKING ME HAPPY… blueberries


in pound cake. Because I could live on pound cake.

WISHING… I could pick a summer knitting project

Why is this so hard? This is worse than picking my next writing project. I think because it’s easier for me to not knit that it is for me to not write, but feel free to weigh in on some patterns I’m considering in the comments. PLEASE!

A. Green-Apple-Tank_2


A or B would be knit in this yarn: 20160606_184917

C. flamingjuneBEAUTY

C would be light gray cotton, but I don’t have a contrast for the lower edge. Or need another gray cardigan.

So, which should I knit? You can offer different colors or ask questions or search Ravelry yourself. 😉


so now that you know what I’m up to, what’s up with YOU?


2 thoughts on “currently…

  1. Ooh, I kind of love the third knitting option, even if you don’t need another cardigan. 🙂 I can’t wait to read Danika’s ALL THE FEELS! She seems like the sweetest person, and I’m totally in the mood for something fun and fan-girly. Also, I agree with you re: Morgan Matson’s pacing. It’s definitely slow, but I suppose that’s why I ended up feeling like I know her characters SO WELL by the end of her books. It’s like I’ve actually traveled through the story with them. 🙂 Have an awesome week, lady!

    1. I have loved that third sweater since I first saw it. And I probably would have cast it on already if I had contrast yarn for the lower edge.

      Danika is the sweetest. I actually beta-ed ALL THE FEELS before it went up on Swoon Reads so I’m very excited to see how’s it’s changed through the editing process. I CAN’T WAIT! (But first THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING which is slow but immersive and amazing.)

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