five on friday on saturday

Five places I’d like to set a novel…

Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend is an old mill town. Mostly it’s pretty. I love towns like that the mix of old and new and tourism. Plus, it’s really pretty.



My home town as represented by my high school, which looked nothing like this picture when I went there.

Tumwater, WA is a strange mix of rural and suburban as it is now mostly dependent on neighboring Olympia and the state government for an economy. It was an interesting place to grow up though. Tight-knit and mostly conservative, but willing to support its own. Or at least try.


High School Drama Department

As mentioned above, I grew up in a small town. Football ruled, but drama was next.

(Quite specifically, I want to write about a HS football player who goes out for the musical to help his best friend.)


My Youth 😉

When I wasn’t doing theater or dancing ballet, I was hanging out in the local punk scene. So yeah…


(BTW, I’m in this picture. I’m the bleach blonde smoking on the very farthest right.)

Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

Doesn’t really have to be Yaletown, but this is one of the coolest looking neighborhoods ever. Raised sidewalks, old Victorian industrial with modern walkability, and the glassy glow that is the Pacific Northwest.



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