I got this idea from Katy Upperman who got the idea for this bi-weekly sharing post from some other bloggers.


LOVING… my characters

Renee and Bram warm my heart.



saint anything

(more in THINKING…)


WATCHING… The Good Wife.

I know I’ve used this one before, but I will miss it when it’s gone so I’m saying it again.


LISTENING TO… the constant chatter of my 4 year old

And by that I mean I am constant being interrupted by requests for snacks that will not be eaten. ugh.



I love tropes. I love the idea that all stories are made up of universal, eternal elements. Although I tend to use my own terms for them, and there are some I have a really hard time with.

I’ve also been thinking about how tropes can be so different from book to book. As mentioned above I’m reading Sarah Dessen’s SAINT ANYTHING. Earlier this year I read Alexis Bass’s WHAT’S BROKEN BETWEEN US. These two books start with the same jumping off point, the main character’s charming older brother is in prison for drunk driving and a related accident, but that’s where the similarities end. It fascinated me because it’s so easy to think “oh, I can’t tell that story. It’s just like X” but probably it’s not. It’s probably totally different. So I’m going to write away!



So many great books coming out. I’m getting UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING by Morgan Matson and IF I WAS YOUR GIRL by Meredith Russo. And a couple of previous releases last week’s THE LAST BOY AND GIRL IN THE WORLD by Siobhan Vivian, MADE YOU UP by Francesca Zappia, and LAST YEARS’S MISTAKE by Gina Ciocca in paperback.

if I was your girlthe last boy and girl in the world



WISHING…  I always forget wishing.

I wish I didn’t do that. HaHa-HA!


MAKING ME HAPPY… getting to the end of my CURRENTLY… list.

CURRENTLY… is an interesting exercise for me. I don’t think about being happy. I’m not generally unhappy but I don’t think about what’s positive in my life for anything outside what it is. It will make me happy that everyone likes dinner tonight, but it’s just dinner. It will make me happy when my kids all go to bed for the night and I can get another couple hours of less interrupted time, but I’ll also feel half-guilty that to write I have to ignore my husband (even if he doesn’t mind). It will make me happy to go on my 8yo’s field trip Thursday because his class is awesome and children’s theatre is wonderful, but it all my other work will be wait for me when I get home.

I need to be better about this, about not seeing the downside, but I’m happy to do this every two weeks as a reminder that I can do it at all.


2 thoughts on “currently…

  1. I can totally relate to your “Making Me Happy” section, which is partly why I try to keep up with Currently posts. It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the extraneous stuff and forget about the things that are good, even when they are simple and small. I started keeping a one-sentence “Happiness Project” journal in January. It covers five years, and it’s awesome. Even when I’m just writing “I’m thankful for the ten minutes I spent reading in the sun today” it’s a good reminder to pause and enjoy, you know? You can find one on Amazon if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. I like the one sentence idea. I think I could do some sentence. (One Bad Sentence was my writing mantra for a long time when I started writing seriously again about six years ago.)

    Everyone did really like dinner last night though – homemade quick-y Thai peanut sauce for the win!

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