I got this idea from who got the idea for this bi-weekly sharing post from some others.

LOVING… that my parents took my children for the first two days of Spring Break.

Appreciating is probably a more appropriate feeling, but I really am loving that no one has come in and asked for a snack in a day and a half. Woot!

READING… When We Collided by Emery Lord.


Really loving it so far. The contrast of voices between Jonah and Vivi is wonderful and distinct.


Not sure if anyone else is watching it. Or if I’d suggest it.

It’s not a bad show. In fact, frequently it’s quite good. But I’m really tired of shows about unlikable men and their mid-life crises. I would love this show if it were about the younger characters. Or if the main character were the true believer in rock and roll he purports to be.


(Juno Temple and Mick’s son James Jagger, who I like)

LISTENING TO… nothing really.



Crazy the changes two weeks can make.

I’m still mired in revisions of my current WIP. Now, called Free 2 Play. (YAY! I suck at titles so very much.) But I’m feeling better, taking some of the pressure off my perfectionism in this round of revisions because these are changes I’m making because this WIP was a mess of the highest order and I couldn’t let anyone rad it in the state it was in. It didn’t make sense. As I get closer to the end, I realize more and more that I need to focus on the things I know I need to keep and quit worrying so much about the plots I have questions about. Those will most likely change because my questions start in the beginning and will riplle to the end. No sense belaboring something I know isn’t set in stone.

But what does this have to do with the next WIP you might ask.

And I will tell you… I promised myself that I could start something new when I finished this round of revisions and started getting feedback.

So I’m obsessed with what I’ll write next!

ANTICIPATING… Cabi party at my cousin’s house.

This is kind of dorky. Cabi is a clothing line, a capsule wardrobe that updates Spring and Fall. It’s generally nicer clothes than I need for every day, but it’s really helped me to put together a more grown-up look. To go with my Converse. 😉

Plus, there’s wine and a communal changing area with my cousins.

(I need to write more about cousins.)


It might be fleeting in a traditional warm and sunny way here in Seattle, but it’s my time of year. My birthday was Sunday, and I’ve always loved the connection between my day and rebirth.

Well, I’m feeling better than I was two weeks ago. More on track and that feels pretty spring like today. 😀


8 thoughts on “currently…

  1. I think Spring is finally arriving here in Ottawa too, although there is still snow on the ground!
    Good luck with your revisions and have fun picking what you’ll write next – I love beginnings.
    Have a great week.

      1. I’m exactly the same! Then I have to write thousands of words before I work out exactly what I’m doing. I really need to learn to outline and save some time 🙂

  2. I can’t even outline. Well, I can write an outline. I’ve very good at it in fact, but once the outline is written I have a really hard writing the story. Apparently the figuring out is vital to my motivation. I’m working on some other solutions, like I write out of order and when I have an good but not entirely formed idea I ‘stub’ in the scene with bits of inspired dialogue and notes. Those future scenes provide a kind of road map which helps me a lot. And if I can find someone who’s willing to read and critique while I’m drafting, it’s great because I have some help corralling. But I draft fast so I don’t worry about time as much.

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