I got this idea from Katy Upperman and she posts the origins here

We’ll see how it goes for me. 😉



My new navy Chuck’s. I bought a lavender. They’re still in the box. It’s still a little too wet and cold to wear Converse all the time. But soon… I hope, soon.


I officially started Tracy Weber’s third Downward Dog Mystery KARMA’S A KILLER yesterday. I loved her first two books, and she’s a really great person and writer.

Karma's a KillerLOUD


But let’s face it I just keep rereading and re-rereading LOUD IS HOW I LOVE YOU by Mercy Brown. It’s a really wonderful NA romance set in the New Jersey indie punk scene of the mid-1990s. As an alumni of the Oly, WA punk scene of the same era, I can attest it LOUD’s accuracy, but it also captures being a 21 year old girl with big dreams and how those dreams can end up in direct opposition to real life and sometimes happiness. Plus, it’s super hot.

I really need to finish AKA Jessica Jones. I really love Krysten Ritter and David Tennant. But I’m paying more attention to VIKINGS (still on season 3) and The 100. Maybe I just like the braids. And blood


My husband is making a really old school rap mix tape so that mostly. Though I should be working on playlists for my WIP, but he’s a much better DJ than I am so I’m continuing to put that off.



Well, my afore mentioned WIP, a YA contemporary, and its revisions. Is there anyone else out there who over writes their first draft? And writes more in their first revision pass? Just me, thought so? Anyway, I really need to go to chopping out the redundancies.

I wish I had a picture for this one or a proper working title, but I’m not great with visuals for my WIPs or titles. So I’ll work on that for next time.


8 thoughts on “currently…

  1. I majorly overwrite first drafts! I over-explain everything, and include way too much extraneous inner monologue. But, I’d rather cut later than have to go back and fill in a bunch of details. Also, I love your new shoes!

    1. I don’t do any pre-writing so I have a lot of character development scenes and subplots / characters that end up going nowhere, but I agree about preferring to cut than to add. I feel like I’m more in control of cuts.

      And thanks, I love my new shoes too. 😀

  2. I love Converse! My favorite pair is leopard print, and I have a backup pair in my closet for when those get too worn out. Fun post!

  3. I have to finish Jessica Jones too. I’m like Netflix’s worst nightmare because I’ll watch a bunch of episodes of their shows, enjoy each one, stop for whatever reason and then just never finish the season. I have seen like 5 episodes each of OITNB, House of Cards, Making of Murderer. At least I got to like episode 10 of Jessica.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who abandons Netflix shows. My issue is that either my husband loses interest or I’ve been watching during the day and a school break throws me. So, I need to finish Daredevil, Sens8, Jessica Jones…

    1. I am a unsentimental hacker at this point in revision. Tomorrow I will cut one of my darling not a scene so much as a bit because it doesn’t have any emotional. May use a version of it in something else because it’s a great meet-cute connection (having the same birthday/forgotten by friends). I kind of wish I underwrite because it feel like it takes me for ever to finish my first draft.

      and thanks for dropping by.

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