welcome to 2016!

So, last year I made this plan. It was kind of like a list of resolutions and kind of way for me to break out my rut and break into a more social writing sphere. My results are detailed in my last post. (You can click back and read if you’d like.) I was largely successful, but accomplishing Act A didn’t necessarily lead to Lasting Satisfaction B. Leaving me at a loss for how to structure 2016.

What I know is concrete goals don’t work for me as anyone who witnessed my little break out on Twitter last Sunday when I didn’t make a word count goal for the day. (Or finished reading the book I wanted to finish either for that matter.)

This year I’m breaking my goals into two groups: housekeeping and big picture.

[this is where most people would post a gif. I don’t gif. <insert story> I could, maybe even should, but gifs first came onto my radar the summer of 2011 when I was first pregnant with my youngest son and vaguely nauseous all the time. Gifs made me so dizzy I have to avoid certain imaginary* friends online during certain times of the day. As a result, I never got into the gif habit. *shrug*]

Housekeeping goals…

Blog once a week or so – “I have some ideas” she says defensively. “I mean, not fifty-two by a long shot, but some… like four.”

– I really need some pictures of me that I don’t hate.

– Work on writing reviews. I don’t feel like I write reviews well, but I know I should do it. So write reviews.

Continue to get out a meet people. I went to a writers’ conference last summer that I could go to again. And there’s a class I’d really like to take starting the end of January (not sure it works schedule-wise though – more on that in the next section.)

And I’d love a permanent critique partner. My long standing CP and I no longer have the same available writing time or writing goals. Or genre cross-over. I had a horribly time connecting with people last year. Like awful, soul crushing and down-right rude experiences. I’d love a solution for my YA writing. (Tips appreciated, greatly.)

Big picture goals…

I do need to get over the idea that I have a ask permission to do things. I have three kids and am the primary childminder.  My parents are the local back-up. And while I am well aware that I am in no way asking my husband to babysit while I go do things, it’s exactly how I feel.

I worked on this “permission thing” last year too. Which only makes it worse because I feel like most of my “resolutions” are of the “keep on keeping on” variety. Keep Writing. Query Again. Enter Contests and Network. Those goals tend to read as frustration to me. (One of the yearly horoscopes I like to read started the “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.” and I almost burst into tears.) I’m not sure of it’s the tedium or the reminded that I didn’t get it last or what, but I remain burdened by the prospect of not progressing.

So, I guess, I should also work on reframing repetition. There are plenty of repetitive tasks I’m good at, revisions for one, but that’s productive to me. I get a better story or of revision. I do yoga most mornings and am well aware of the connection between taking the time for yoga and being more relaxed and open for the rest of the day. Figuring out what I get out repeating activities is some I need to work on too.

Also, apply for a job at the new book store when it opens later this year, or next year. This is flexible, and identical to a goal from last year. hee. (I do embrace irony.)

Anyway, I will check in with these goals throughout the year. I reevaluate the first part of April – my birthday is the 10th – and around Labor Day – for years I set New School Year Resolutions. (Also January, April and September are rough thirds of the year which appeals to my sense of almost symmetry.)

And Happy New Year!

<insert fireworks gif>


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