2015, a year in review-ish

So, I tried setting goals for my year and this is supposed to be my year end wrap-up. And it is, in that I’m posting the final analysis and results of my goals. It doesn’t feel right because I made a shift this year, which was discussed in my last post and I still don’t know quite how to process. More thoughts on starting over might be more appropriate for the new year.

In the meantime… my quippy goals for 2015 were to Get Out, Reach Out and Put Myself Out There.

Which meant…

I need to get out of my house and meet writers local to me. There is a wonderful mystery bookstore in Seattle that does loads of signings and is easily accessible.  This actually went really well until I faltered in my mystery writing. I struggled with the sequel to my first mystery. I feel bad that I love the mystery community so much and yet find myself drawn to writing something else.

I want to go to at least one writing conference, even if it’s not mystery-centric. I went to the PNWA conference in July. Given that mystery is no longer my focus I’m glad I picked a non-mystery conference. Now, to find more consistent writer interaction.

A new book store should be moving into my neighborhood that is very community event oriented and I would love to see about working there either selling books or coordinating events. Third Place Books won’t be open until sometime next year. We’ll see how this goes.

I need to find a new critique partner. Still trying. I’d like to write more about this one later, but basically I have whole new respect for agents and their slush piles after entering this experience. So many misses.

I have got to start querying. Hopefully in March. Started querying in May, got an offer in November, turned it down in December. I wrote about it

I would also like to write and submit at least three short stories to contests and/or anthologies. Ended up not even really trying. It was a good idea, but see below…

And finish new-book2! I did finally finish book2. And it broke me.

I went through more than one period where I wanted to cry rather than write, and in the end I got up at 5am every morning so I could write without thinking.

Then while working on the last few chapters of Mystery2, I started a romance (called In Case of Emergency…) and wrote 62k in eight weeks. It was a revelation.

However, I’m left not knowing where I am. I’m not sure what to do with In Case of Emergency… it’s kind of NA, and focuses on the romance between a domestic violence survivor and the guy who obstructs her ex from continuing to attack her because his father beat his mother to death years before. It sits in rough, rough draft form while I work on a multi-generational YA about love and memory.

But In Case of Emergency… made me want to write again. My YA-WIP makes me want to write. I don’t love the feeling of starting over, but I can’t escape the idea that I’m on a better track. Even if I don’t know where that track is headed or how to plan for the year ahead.


2 thoughts on “2015, a year in review-ish

  1. Thanks for sharing, Kate! Whether it’s mystery, romance, short stories, or just connecting with other authors, I wish you much success in all your writing 2016 endeavors!

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