I’ve started this blog. I started it so that I could post (free) knitting patterns without having to figure out how to create a nice lay-out for a .pdf to upload to So, my first post is going to be about my adventures in creating this first, as yet unfinished, pattern.


Awhile back I knit a hat inspired by a friend’s story. Seen here…Image

And I thought to myself, I should write this up and share it. Only life happened so a year and a half later… A year and a half later I decided that I wanted to not only write up that pattern but a couple of variations because why not. So last week I knit up this version for my eight year-old daughter, Lucie, out of fingering instead of worsted weight yarn.


Then I moved on to hat three, made with worsted yarn again but on larger needles and with an inset of the pattern instead of an all over lace motif. Image

And I don’t love it. I haven’t given up, but about the only thing that’s working for me is the contrasting cast-on and set up row. I’m going to finish my swatch to see of the decreases make me love it. But I have a feeling this is going to be a hat idea. I’ll save the contrasting cast on for something else.


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